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Celebrate Wellness 2022 - Discover the latest natural ocean fresh superfood - GREEN MARINE PROTEIN fish protein, collagen, calcium organically processed APP™ 'whole fish' extract

w/ 11 minerals and 18 amino acids. Orders ship direct from our USA Indiana warehouse via registered USPS mail & from Thai Post registered airmail!


GREEN MARINE PROTEIN whole fish isolate contains 92% pure fish protein, 7.2% fish collagen, 8.2% fish calcium w/18 complete amino acids profile & 11 minerals per serving in a patented new process for organic supplements and/or beverage blends. Try a 28 gram a sachet of NEW GREEN MARINE PROTEIN

(1) one oz pouch for beverage blends w complete organic 92% whole fish protein, 7.2% fish collagen, 8.2% fish calcium w/ 11 minerals & an 18 amino acids profile

it's 100% natural!

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Green Marine Protein whole fish powder supplement

100 gram pouch (3oz)

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Green Marine Protein powder
120 ea 500mg V-caps
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Green Marine Protein whole fish protein, collagen, calcium powder supplement 120 each 500 mg V-caps - Three (3) bottles

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Green Marine Protein whole fish protein, collagen, calcium supplement w/18 amino acids

(1) one lb pouch $99.95 USD includes shipping($6.10 per oz !!)


Grower direct fresh


BLUE MATCHA One each (1) pound (453 grams) fresh grower-direct natural sun dried organic butterfly pea tea flowers!

Blue Matcha balances blood sugar naturally & helps to reverse diabetes-II. This tasty tea enhances blood circulation, reverses vericose veigns, promotes weight loss,
while the anthocyanidin improves eyesight! With the ultra-high content of the flavanoid, Quercetin, Blue Matcha smoothes skin & nourishes & restores brittle graying hair.
It's natural antioxidants also help to boost the body's natural immune system! Serve hot or chilled - #awesome herbal tea!


Single lb MSRP $99.95 usd + $20.00 shipping

NOW Get one lb pouches for $49.95 - free shipping/handling grower direct from Thailand


World's finest premier organically hand-cultivated strain of Pueraria mirifica & Butea superba from Thailand grower manufacturers, Siam Industries International Co., Ltd.



Pueraria Siam m/f rejuvenative root compound is recommended as a 100% natural anti-aging Fountain Of Youth herbal dietary health supplement for renewed body firming, vitality, energy & libido. For generations, men & women in Thailand have used Pueraria mirifica to maintain a youthful glow. A member of the legume family, Thai Pueraria mirifica, not to be confused with Chinese Kudzu, contains many of the same phytoestrogens found in soy and red clover along with unique phyto-compounds not found in any other plant such as Miroestrol & deoxymiroestrol;.

Supports a smooth transition into menopause, Pueraria mirifica features the most bioactive form of natural plant components that improve your body's healthy balance. NaturePaq brand Pueraria Mirifica Siam is organic, fresh & 3-4 times more potent than wild crafted rain-forest PM!

Consumers demand the real thing & the amazing skin, body and breast firming & emdocrine system balancing benefits!

Comes in 100 each & 60 each 250mg 100% pure organically cultivated PM capsules with no fillers or extracts

FREE OF: Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Soy, Yeast, Sugar, Sodium, Artificial Flavor, Sweetener, Preservatives and Color.

SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement for adults, take one 1-2 capsules a day preferably at mealtime. Stop use during period. 100% non-toxic whole food dietary supplement. Refrain from use if nursing, pregnant or have a history of cysts or tumors in female organs.

 100 ea organic Pueraria mirifica 

Premier greenhouse hand cultivated hybrid strain organic Pueraria mirifica Siam

Thai FDA licensed Premium Grade GMP Organically Cultivated Pueraria mirifica
100 ea 250 mg capsules. Save 20% off MSRP retail $49.95

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Premier greenhouse hand cultivated hybrid strain organic Pueraria mirifica Siam

100 ea 250 mg capsules. Save 47% on three bottlesl Reg $149.85

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Ships via USPS from Indiana, USA & Thailand 100 ea organic Pueraria mirifica X3 btls


Premier greenhouse hand cultivated organic ladies Pueraria Mirifica Siam


60 capsules ea 250 mg. MSRP $39.95

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Three (3) Bottle Special - Naturepaq brand Pueraria Mirifica Siam 60 each 250mg capsules

MSRP: $89.85 ($29.95 ea)

Now three bottles $59.95 includes shipping


"Before searching for Pueraria supplements online, you should be aware that cheaper and less effective if not harmful variants of Pueraria such as Pueraria candoleii are being shipped out of Thailand by poachers and marketed as if they were authentic Pueraria mirifica". Beware of Amazon, eBay & Etsy Pueraria Mirifica! According to world PM expert Dr. Sandy Schwartz, "It's undocumented in most cases and may contain harmful bacteria". Siam Natural Organics has received numerous reports of skin irritations, headaches and gastrointestinal infections from fake/undocumented Pueraria mirifica being sold on the internet!


Butea superba Siam men's organic restorative root compound is recommended as a 100% pure herbal dietary health supplement for naturally increasing Free Testosterone, muscle firming, energy vitality & increased libido.


In Stock in Thailand and at our Indiana USA Warehouse

Premier greenhouse hand cultivated super high grade organic men's Butea Superba Siam natural muscle firming energy, vitality, libido enhancer can reduce likelyhood of BHP & early hairloss with its natural conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) via the enzyme 5-alpha reductase (5AR).

Butea superba naturally balances undesirable 'bonded' testosterone with the desired effects of 'Free' testerone via the phytochemicals in the root tuber. Other 5-alpha reductase inhibitors that balance Free Testosterone include zinc, GLA and EPA, Saw palmetto, Vitamin D3, Green tea, Ganoderma lucidum and astaxanthin.

Butea superba works naturally, safely and effectively by itself for most men within about three months use. Several of the popular men's ED and male libido enhancement products who make bogus claims of nearly instant results akin to Viagra are likely a marketing ploy to promote sales. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Thai FDA licensed - US FDA certified Premium Grade GMP Organically Cultivated hand cultivate green house hybrid strain - Butea superba Siam w extract
100 ea 250 mg capsules. Save 33% off retail MSRP $59.95

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$29.95 includes shipping

Siam Natural Butea superba (Kwao Krua Dang) 150mg organic with 100mg Butea superba Naturoestrol pure powder extract (100 ea.) V-caps per btl X3 bottles

Butea superba Siam Now On Sale from our Indiana, USA warehouse   

Butea superba regular MSRP $59.95 per 100 ea 250 mg V-caps btl - Save $$ Now on three bottles!

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Naturepaq brand Butea Superba Siam 60 each 250mg capsules w/extract

60 capsules ea 250 mg. MSRP $29.95 - Now $19.95 +$5.00 shipping


now available in 500 mg capsules, one lb pouches & one oz pouches


Green Marine Protein comes in 120 ea. 500 mg capsules ($39.95) & (1) lb. resealable pouches ($99.95)& now in one oz pouches for beverage blenders!
Now available from Thailand & our USA Indiana warehouse

The Perfect Protein organic deep sea 'whole fish' protein extract  Not all protein is created equal! Marine Protein powder capsules & new organic powder packet sachets.

Green Marine Protein one ounce pouches are ideal for a powerful health & vitality beverage blender.

It's pure organic 'whole fish' 92% protein w/ 18 amino acids, calcium, collagen, and 11 minerals in a superb health & vitality supplement

This preliminary product information clearly illustrates why it is the superior choice for an invigorating protein beverage supplement

 Organic GREEN MARINE PROTEIN is the Perfect Protein & the latest technology in an organic deep sea whole fish protein isolate extract.

Not all protein is created equal!

Discover the best of the best in new 

Green Marine Protein whole fish powder

Introducing the latest green sustainable FPP technology process for nutritionally superior Green Marine Protein as a food supplement that's environmentally friendly, flavorless, nearly odorless, non-hygroscopic (stable), free from bacteria and 98% digestable! Green Marine Protein is clean deep sea whole fish extract powder that's an ideal replacement for dairy and soy based proteins. Whey products, like the milk they are produced from can contain growth hormones, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides. APP - ADVANCE PROTEIN POWDER is a Registered Trademark of Advance International Inc. U.S. Patent No. 8,663,725

Discover the best of the best in new Green Marine Protein whole fish protein-collagen-calcium powder with 18 amino acids!! Introducing the latest green sustainable FPP technology process for nutritionally superior Green Marine Protein as a food supplement that's environmentally friendly, flavorless, nearly odorless, non-hygroscopic (stable), free from bacteria and 98% digestable! Green Marine Protein is clean deep sea whole fish extract powder that's an ideal replacement for dairy and soy based proteins. Whey products, like the milk they are produced from can contain growth hormones, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides. APP - ADVANCE PROTEIN POWDER is a Registered Trademark of Advance International Inc. U.S. Patent No. 8,663,725

GREEN MARINE PROTEIN   Super Nutrition for every body!

Green Marine Protein whole fish powdercontains a superior balance of minerals & amino acids as a nutritional supplement for people from all walks of life and especially for fitness minded, pregnant women, the aging, bodybuilders, and institutional nutrition, hospitals and/or rehabilitation settings to replace GMO based soy products, dairy (whey) products & calcium carbonate (sourced from limestone)


For fitness minded individuals, smaller more frequent whole food nutrition consumption is the healthiest way to eat whether your goal is toning & firming muscle mass or weight loss.
To keep the body balanced people need to consume a complete protein every three hours. This is now much easier to do with super high grade organic whole fish Green Marine Protein powder in 500 mg. V-caps. Calcium is most often associated with bone health, and its essential in preventing osteoporosis, bone loss, and degenerative bone disease. The primary component of human skeletons is calcium phosphate.

The natural calcium in organic Green Marine Protein whole fish protein powder (110mg/100grams) is 98% bioavailable.
Green Marine Protein
powder is superior in balanced nutrition due to the unique amino acid profile and abundance of naturally occurring organically bound minerals found in a whole fish!

Green Marine Protein treats:

• Osteoporosis

•  Reduction in pain associated with spinal problems

• Stiff joints

• Sore ligaments,

• Sleep disorders like insomnia

• Overall stress reduction and mental alertness

• Fast healing of bone and tissue growth in post orthopedic surgery patients & use in clinical physiotherapy

 Organic fish protein nutrition is the ultimate for:


stress relief




skin care

disease prevention

• heart & cardiovascular system/blood circulation

• weight loss & weight control management

• healthy endocrine system balancing

• builds new muscle mass

• Firms & tones body

• renews red blood cells for healthy skin, bones, cartilage, joints

• contains an ideal nutritional balance that increases cognitive skills & abilities

Green Marine Protein powder
120 ea 500mg V-caps
$39.95 includes shipping in stock in Indiana, USA warehouse

GREEN MARINE PROTEIN (1) one oz pouch for beverage blends w complete organic 92% whole fish protein, 7.2% fish collagen, 8.2% fish calcium w/ 11 minerals + an 18 amino acids profile + 100% Natural!

$19.95 USD includes shipping

Green Marine Protein whole fish powder supplement

100 gram pouch


Now $39.95


Green Marine Protein superior pure organic fish protein supplement powder for body builders
One lb. pouch $99.00 includes shipping
in stock in our Indiana, USA warehouse

fresh organic dried flower petals tea Ne

Nelumbo Nucefera

Sacred Pink Lotus Nelumbo nucefera In Thailand, the sacred lotushas cultural importance as spiritual a symbol in Buddhism, and economicimportance as ornamentation and horticulture to generate income. This aquatic plant is consumed as food and has wide-ranging uses as afolk medicine. Various parts of the sacred lotus including leaves,flowers, stamens, embryos, and rhizomes were previously reported to promote health benefits.These medicinal applications are the results of high health-promotingcompounds, such as phenolic acids and flavonoids. Sacred Pink Lotus leaves are rich in alkaloids,essential oils, organic acids, and flavonoids, especially quercetin.

Stamens are abundant in flavonols, including kaempferol, myricetin, quercetin,isorhamnetin, and their glycosides while flavonoids and anthocyanidinsare mostly found in the flowers.The stamen from the pink lotus floweris thought to invoke deep relaxation and feelings of bliss and is known to stimulate libido and increase motivation.

The Sacred Lotus Flower contains a calming tonic that promotes the feeling of well-being and help to balance in the human system. Pink Lotus flowers pods/petals are most commonly used for tea for the pleasant, mild taste. The effects are both sedative & euphoric and according to some people, it's a very effective natural sleeping aid.

Siam Natural ™ Sacred Pink Lotus fresh organic dried flower petels one ounce pouch

Now $14.99 includes shipping

    Sacred Pink Lotus fresh dried Stamens

The Sacred Pink Lotus Nelumbo nucifera is revered for the magical, mystical & exhilarating mood enhancing effects it produces. The ancient Sacred Pink Lotus contains the natural phyto-chemicals; lotusine, demethyl coclaurine, neferin, and nuciferine. The rare species is naturally calming, moodlifting, increases libido & promotes vitality.

The PINK LOTUS STAMENS are available in 1 ounce dried Stamens tea in sealed plastic ziplock bag packed in a resealable metal pouch.

Now $14.99 iincludes shipping

Sacred Pink Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) All parts of Nelumbo nucifera are edible, with the rhizome and seeds being the main consumption parts. Traditionally rhizomes, leaves, and seeds have been used as folk medicines, Ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicine, and oriental medicine. Nelumbo Nucifera is an Asiatic medicine known as 'Sacred Lotus' that is used in a variety of dishes and recipes.

It has a delicate aroma, and apparently has a fair bit of symbolic importance as well. In regards to the studies on it, it is lacking any human interventions. The herb itself appears to be quite high in polyphenolic compounds such as catechin and procyanidins and possesses very general 'healthy' properties secondary to this. There are not too many studies on unique bio-actives in Sacred Lotus, but these studies seem to be centered on Neferine; a constituent which is at the moment unique to Nelumbo Nucifera.

Most of the evidence currently is either using extracts of the plant itself which find benefits that can be achieved with other supplements due to being general end points, or they use isolated Neferine in relatively high doses. Studies using isolated Neferine note anti-depressant and sedative properties which are seemingly potent, and some possible anti-obesogenic (not necessarily fat burning) and anti-diabetic properties. Some fat burning properties have been noted with the whole plant, but these are not overly remarkable.

The seeds of N. nucifera are rich in asparagine, fat, protein, starch and tannin. The lotus seed is composed of three parts: integuments, plumule and cotyledons, which comprise 3.74%, 3.03% and 93.23% of the mass, respectively. The average weight of 100 seeds is 87.35 g. The bioactive constituents of lotus are mainly alkaloids and flavonoids.

Traditionally, the whole plant of lotus was used as astringent, emollient, and diuretic. It was used in the treatment of diarrhea, tissue inflammation, and homeostasis. The rhizome extract was used as antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of asteroidal triterpenoid. Leaves were used as an effective drug for hematemesis, epistaxis, hemoptysis, hematuria, and metrorrhagia.

Flowers were used to treat diarrhea, cholera, fever, and hyperdipsia. In traditional medicine practice, seeds are used in the treatment of tissue inflammation, cancer and skin diseases, leprosy, and poison antidote. Embryo of lotus seeds is used in traditional Chinese medicine as 'Lian Zi Xin', which primarily helps to overcome nervous disorders, insomnia, and cardiovascular diseases (hypertension and arrhythmia). Nutritional value of lotus is as important as pharmaceutical value.


Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. (Nymphaeaceae) is a potential aquatic crop grown and consumed throughout Asia. All parts of Nelembo nucifera has been used for various medicinal purposes in various systems of medicine including folk medicines, Ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicine, and oriental medicine. Many chemical constituents have been isolated till the date. However, the bioactive constituents of lotus are mainly alkaloids and flavonoids.

Traditionally, the whole plant of lotus was used as astringent, emollient, and diuretic. It was used in the treatment of diarrhea, tissue inflammation, and homeostasis. The rhizome extract was used as antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of asteroidal triterpenoid. Leaves were used as an effective drug for hematemesis, epistaxis, hemoptysis, hematuria, and metrorrhagia.

Flowers were used to treat diarrhea, cholera, fever, and hyperdipsia. In traditional medicine practice, seeds are used in the treatment of tissue inflammation, cancer and skin diseases, leprosy, and poison antidote. Embryo of lotus seeds is used in traditional Chinese medicine as Lian Zi Xin, which primarily helps to overcome nervous disorders, insomnia, and cardiovascular diseases (hypertension and arrhythmia).

Nutritional value of lotus is as important as pharmaceutical value. These days’ different parts of lotus have been consumed as functional foods. Thus, lotus can be regarded as a potential nutraceutical source.

There are several therapeutic benefits of this plant for which different parts are used. The extracts of rhizomes, seeds, flowers and leaves have been reported to have varied therapeutic potential. Several bioactive compounds have been derived from these plant parts belonging to different chemical groups, including alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, triterpenoid, vitamins etc., which all have their own therapeutic impact.

Thus, the pharmacological effects and various active ingredients of different parts of Nelumba nucifera are well understood.

These days different parts of lotus have been consumed as functional foods. Thus, lotus can be regarded as a potential nutraceutical source. As far as the history is concerned, this beautiful flowering aquatic plant has been honored in the history by three countries: China, India, and Egypt. Pictorial representation of the flower can be seen in the art of all of these countries cultures, symbolizing perfection, purity, and beauty

On the dietary aspect, almost all parts of the plant are used in preparing diverse cuisines depending upon cultures of that place. History reveals that sacred blue lotus Nymphaea caerulea was distributed and widespread along the Nile river banks In ancient period, Egyptians worshipped different parts of lotus, widely depicted in their architectural design. Initiation of lotus horticulture in western Europe was introduced by Sir Joseph Banks during 1787 in the form of stove-house "water lily".

Pink Lotus flowers vary in color from white to rosy and are pleasantly sweet scented, solitary, and hermaphrodite. Flower average diameter is 10-25 cm, and it is ovoid and glabrous. Fruit which contain seeds, are black in color, and are hard and ovoid are arranged in whorls; seeds ripened and were released as a result of bending down of pod to the water. Tuberous roots are 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. Smooth outer skin of the lotus root is green in color; however, the inner part possesses numerous big air pockets running throughout the length of the tuber assisting for floating in the aquatic system.
Perhaps nucifera’s reputation as a symbol of fertility is best represented in its seeds & the ability to retain viability for extreme periods of time. According to the Sailsbury University Arboretum, a 1,288-year-old nucifera seed from an ancient lake bed in China is the oldest known of all seeds to germinate. Its mysticism may also be linked to the mild narcotic or sedative effects from flowers that are eaten, smoked or steeped in wine and drank. In addition to having an incredible list of medicinal applications from helping premature ejaculation to having anticancer properties to helping cramps and digestion, all parts of the plant are considered edible and appear widely in Asian cuisine.


Envisage Siam  Moringa Miracle Facial & Skin Firming Lotion


Moringa Miracle  Facial & Skin Firming Lotion contains organic Moringa seed oil, Pueraria mirifica extract, Royal jelly, Aloe Vera, Cassia seed, Cacao butter & more! Introducing new Miracle Moringa Spa Facial & Skin Firming Anti-aging Restorative Lotion!
MSRP $39.95

NaturePaq Organic Miracle Moringa Spa Facial Skin Firming Lotion 30 gram dispenser

N-P-M-Mor-lotion-30g - NOW 60% Off Retail!

On Sale Now $24.95 includes shipping USPS


When it comes to authentic natural health & plant based formulation cosmetics . . . more & more customers around the world choose the Siam Natural  brand of new highly effective & sustainable hand manufactured herbal nutritional & nutraceutical skin care elixirs. Siam Industries International currently offers select super high quality pure natural green living herbal health, fitness, skin care elixirs direct from the
Thailand grower/manufacturers.

We now offer USPS registered mail shipment to continental USA from our new Indiana NaturePaqdistribution center

Siam Industries International proudly introduces our latest Siam Natural
Envisage Siam PM ™ super-natural imported tropical base skin & breast firming cream! Restores firmness and increases the natural beauty of your breasts with Siam Natural Envisage Siam PM HG Breast Cream w Naturoestrol-PM-II+™ Now In Stock  

Our newest Envisage Naturoestrol-II+
HG Breast Cream


 Increase the natural beauty of your breasts with Siam Natural Envisage Siam ™ HG Breast Cream with our tropical whipped cream formulation with the addition of ingredients like organic Moringa seed oil, Joboba Oil, Aloe Vera Barbadensis Leaf Juice and organic phytochemicals and healing plant compounds come together to create a cream that puts the life back into your skin. Naturally occurring antioxidants, essential fatty acids and therapeutic compounds create a moisturizing whipped light yet full body creme that protects, hydrates and restores.

Our newest hi potency Siam Natural Envisage HG Breast Cream 25 ml
25 gram contents

A special enhanced organic green natural Pueraria mirifica HG liquid extract formulation for lifting, firming & enlarging breasts with an extra-concentrated Pueraria mirifica pure Naturoestrol -IIextract and a nourishing blend of our same safe and effective complimentary ingredients in a new black acrylic designer 25 ml jar .

 Our newest natural organic formulation that contains both 10% more maceration PM liquid extract & twice the amount of our latest Naturoestrol - II+ ''green' SFE cold process super concentrated organic extract.

Siam Natural Envisage Breast Cream 25 ml hi-potency formula

Item #: S-N Env-NNBC-HG-25g

 This replaces our original breast cream that has decades of proven results in Thailand and has been endorsed by the world scientific community for lifting, firming & enlarging breasts with extra concentrated Pueraria mirifica Naturoestrol ™ maceration liquid extract. Our Envisage Siam PM ™ w Naturoestrol-II+™ 'green' SFE extract is the latest most powerful new nourishing blend of safe and effective Pueraria mirifica plus complimentary natural ingredients in a 25 gram designer jar.

Envisage Siam ™Herbal Cosmetic Export Product


Turn your skin's biological clock back while you sleep

Natural ENVISAGE  Blueberry Pueraria Mirifica Aloe Vera

 Certified Organic Nightwerks M/F Antiaging Facial Gel.

On Sale $29.95 includes shipping/handling In Stock!

Envisage Siam™ Pueraria mirifica Collagen Cream herbal cosmetic export

Envisage Siam NATUROESTROL formulation Pueraria mirifica with Sea Collagen 15ml

MSRP $34.95

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Now $14.95 includes shipping

Discover! rare Wild Ginger a unique native species to Thailand's northeast rainforest

Scientific name: Curcuma aromatica

Wild Ginger makes an amazing facial mask paste that promotes deep skin transformation to smooth, clear, youthful glowing skin!

Simply mix with water and apply on skin & neck in an upward circular motion!

MSRP $29.95  the ultimate skin glow - Curcuma aromatica organic root powder from Thailand's rainforest One ounce zip-lock in metalized pouch

ON-SALE - $14.95 includes shipping

Skin benefits include; Improves skin tone and the overall complexion. Gives a blemish-free, naturally glowing skin. Reduces acne and its scars effectively. Slows down the growth of facial hair. Heals skin infections and insect bites. Treats several skin ailments including eczema and psoriasis.

Curcuma comosa Vaginal Restoration & Cleanse   

Curcuma comosa (Wan Chak Mod Look) (1) one ounce metalized pouch w/ organic raw compound

$19.95 + $6.00 shipping

Item #Curcuma comosa wanchak-1-oz CCR-1oz

Curcuma comosa ((Wan Chuk Mod Look) 2) two ounce metalized pouch w/ organic raw compound

$24.95 + $6.00 shipping

Item # SN-WCML-2oz

Curcuma comosa (100) ea 400 mg capsules raw sun dried organic compound  Curcuma comosa raw root compound for naginal restoration, tightening, cleanse, prolapse prevention CCR 100 ea capsules bar code

MSRP: $34.95 - Now on sale $19.95 + $6.00 shipping

Item # S-N-CCR-100 Curcuma comosa (Thai Wanchak Modlook) 100 ea 400 mg capsules


MSRP: $44.95 Curcuma comosa organic raw root tuber compound - same as above w/ 50/50 Pueraria mirifica extract 

(100) ea 400 mg capsules

Now $39.95 includes free shipping

Item #: Wanchak_PM-KKK-WMPM-100 V-caps


Siam Natural™ Organics AMAZING CURATIVE TT Tribulas terrestris     

a natural human immune system builder and disease preventative health elixir supplement that's invigorating, therapeutic, restorative, remedying & corrective for;

• cardiovascular diseases,
• diabetes II,
• improving sexual function
• physical endurance. It contains novel organic plant nutrients that provide;
natural hepatoprotective,
• antioxidant,
• anti-inflammatory,
• antibacterial,
• antiaging,
• antitumor properties.

MSRP $69.95 - Introductory discount price $29.95 + $6.00 shipping -

contains 150 ea 500 mg capsules!


Curative TT Tribulus terrestris   aka:Puncture Vine lowers prolactin & LH & raises FSH for ladies and addresses men with low sperm count, defective sperm movement and improves ejaculate volume & sperm concentration.

Tribulus terrestris is a herb known in Ayurveda that'ss mostly recommended for male health including virility and vitality, and specifically more catered towards cardiovascular and urogenital health. It is a common supplement for its libido enhancing properties and supposed testosterone boosting properties. On the sexual side of things, tribulus does appear to be a relatively reliable and potent libido enhancer in rats and the lone human study assessing this has confirmed an increase in sexual well being and erectile function.

(1) One ounce packet - Use 1 gram per day as a natural whole food supplement.

Sale price Now $19.95 includes shipping

Tongkat ali Thai Plaplai Phueak Eurycoma longifolia jack e. longifolia jack aka: (Tongkat ali) extract

One ounce pure Tongkat ali extract powder
MSRP $39.95

SALE PRICE NOW $19.95 includes shipping

(1) One ounce packet - (Use 1 gram per day as a natural libido/vitality natural food supplement)

Tongkat ali 100 ea 400 mg capsules eurycoma longifolia jack extract 

Tongkat ali revitalizes energy, restores stamina, increases testosterone levels, and enhances libido. Human studies; As of May 2010, only one human study was recorded with eurycoma herb extract.
Reports from users indicate that this herb and the extracts are effective sexual enhancers.

Siam Natural Tongkat Ali 400mg pure natural root extract V-Caps (100) per bottle
Item #: S-N-TA-NX-100V-caps

MSRP $49.95

Now On Sale $29.95+ $6.00 shipping Item #: S-N-TA-NX-100V-caps

Siam Natural Tongkat Ali Three bottle Special 400mg pure natural root extract V-Caps (100) per bottle X 3 
Now On Sale -Three bottles 100 ea capsules pure extract $69.95+$8.00 shipping
Item #: S-N-TA-NX-100V-capsX3


Super Natural IV™


Look Younger - Feel Better - Live Longer 

Super-Natural-IV ™ manufactured by Siam Industries International, Co., Ltd. TH. Super-Natural-IV m/f herbal health supplement product

organic four herbal extracts blend dietary health supplement blend

Discover our latest holistic Butea superba herbal super 4 extract blend formula for energy, vitality, mobility, libido, & enhanced cellular metabolism for men & women


NaturePaq™ Butea Super-Natural-IV™ m/f dietary health libido energy four extract supplement product READ details

MSRP $59.95

Item: NP-S-N-S-N-IV-60 ea

Now $29.95 Special + $6.00 shipping



Thai TOE TOANG Eucommia Ulmoides bark powder extract causes skeletal muscle development, bone density improvement, and increases in sex drive.
(Andro 100) from the tree bark of Eucommia ulmoides possesses bimodal phytoandrogenic and hormone potentiating effects by other lipidic components.
Eucommia Ulmoides

MSRP $39.95

one oz foil pack Now $29.95


Scientific name: Kaempferia parviflora.
Thai name: BLACK GINGER aka: Kra Chai Dum

Black Ginger is known as a male libido enhancer and a prolific natural dietary health supplement for cardiovascular health and improved cognitive function that makes a tasty thirst quenching mild sedative tea.


Krachai Dum (Kaempferia parviflora) Black ginger Thai ginseng sun dried fruit compound/extract for an invigorating herbal botanical tea root pure extract

MSRP 39.95 Now (1) ounce zip-lock package $19.95 + $6.00 shipping

BLACK GINGER Thai 'Krachai Dum' (Kaempferia parviflora) Black ginger is also known as Thai ginseng

(4) ounce package (two oz pouches) of fresh sun dried organic compound w/50% pure extract for an invigorating organic herbal powder beverage

$69.00 + $10.00 shipping & handling

According to the researchers, various preparations of Kaempferia parviflora, a plant in the ginger family, have been shown to support cardiovascular health and potentially also improve erectile function. A 2012 study conducted in Thailand found that K. parviflora rhizome extract improved erectile response in older men.

References: 1. Stein RA et al., “Kaempferia parviflora ethanol extract improves self-assessed sexual health in men: a pilot study," Journal of Integrative Medicine. Published online May 26, 2018. 2. Wannanon P et al., “Efficacy assessment of Kaempferia parviflora for the management of erectile dysfunction,” Online Journal of Biological Sciences, vol. 12, no. 4 (2012): 149-155

Kaempferia Parviflora (aka: Thai Ginseng) is an herb that has some historical and medicinal usage for treating metabolic ailments and improving vitality in Thailand and limited to surrounding regions. It is also reported to be an aphrodisiac compound and physical enhancer.

Currently, the research on Thai Ginseng is at a moderate level and starting to get human trials. It appears to be 'healthy' and a good source of a class of bioflavonoid compounds with methoxy groups added to them, known as methoxyflavones.

Kaempferia parviflora (KP), a health-promoting herb, has been traditionally used for treating a variety of diseases, stimulates sexual performance in both males and females, increases metabolism and promotes weight loss. Pharmacological studies have claimed the various benefits from KP and its main effective methoxyflavones, including cellular metabolism-regulating activity, anticancer activity, vascular relaxation and cardioprotective activity, sexual enhancing activity, neuroprotective activity, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidative activity, antiosteoarthritis activity, antimicroorganism activity, and transdermal permeable activity. These might be associated with increased mitochondrial functions and activated cGMP-NO signaling pathway. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms of KP and its methoxyflavones are still under investigation. The clinical applications of KP and its methoxyflavones may be limited due to their low bioavailability. But promising strategies are on the way. This review will comprehensively discuss the biological activities of KP and its methoxyflavones. appears to have a variety of mechanisms to be pro-erectile, these have not been tested for potency in a living system.

The mechanism of pro-erectility is fairly unique and interesting, but the one study to investigate whether or not it could inhibit PDE5 (one of the mechanisms of Viagra) failed to establish whether it was selective. Selective PDE5 inhibitors are good pro-erectiles without many side-effects, but the non-selectivity (currently not established) may lead to gastrointestinal side effects.

At least one study has noted that it can increase functionality and cardiovascular performance in otherwise healthy persons over 60, but an acute study in youth failed to find any performance enhancing effects at 1.35g (recommended dose, or at least near it).

"According to traditional usage of Kaempferia Parviflora,[1] 0.5-1 teaspoon of ground power is made into a tea and drank about 1-2 hours before physical performance. This is similar to the recommended daily dose from the Thai traditional medicine institute of 1.2g daily, and the one human study on the matter (failing to note benefit acutely) used 1.35g. General health protective effects have been noted at lower doses, although not enough evidence exists to suggest an optimal dose. Black ginger extract increases physical fitness performance and muscular endurance by improving inflammation and energy metabolism We previously reported that polymethoxyflavones (PMFs) in black ginger (Kaempferia parviflora) extract (KPE) increased energy production by activating AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) in C2C12 myoblasts. We herein evaluated the effects of KPE on physical fitness performance and muscular endurance in mice. Male mice were orally administered KPE for 4 weeks, and then forced swimming test, open-field test, inclined plane test, and wire hanging test were performed. KPE significantly increased the swimming time, motility after swimming, and grip strength. IL-6 and TNF-a mRNA expression levels were decreased in the soleus muscle, whereas peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor ? coactivator (PGC)-1a and glycogen synthase mRNA expression levels, mitochondrial number, and glycogen content were increased. These results were in agreement with those obtained for KPE and PMFs in C2C12. Therefore, the activation of AMPK by PMFs may be one of the mechanisms by which KPE (black ginger) improves physical fitness performance and muscular endurance".


Memory & Cognitive Function
It is well known that intense and prolonged stress can produce hippocampal neuronal damage and cognitive impairments, few studies have investigated possible ways to prevent its deleterious effects. Here, we investigated the neuroprotective effects of a Thai traditional herb, Kaempferia Parviflora (KP) extract, commonly known as Kra-Chai-Dum, on learning and memory loss and the induction of neurodegeneration in the hippocampus by chronic stress. Rats were orally administered KP extract (100, 200 and 300 mg kg-1) or vehicle over a period of 21 days while being exposed to chronic restraint stress (6 h day-1). Investigated learning and memory using Morris water maze test after 7, 14 and 21 days of treatment and then the rats were sacrificed for determining the densities of survival and cholinergic neurons in the all regions of hippocampus. Treatment with KP extract at a dose of 200 mg kg-1 blocked the ability of chronic stress to impair spatial learning and memory retention and enhanced both neuron densities as mention earlier, in all areas of the hippocampus.


American Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology, 8 (1): 31-38, 2013 ISSN: 1557-4962 ©2013 Science Publication doi:10.3844/ajptsp.2013.31.38

Published Online 8 (1) 2013 ( Corresponding

Author:Wathita Phachonpai, Physiology Division, School of Medical Science, University of Phayao, Phayao, 56000, Thailand Tel: 66-54-466666 Fax: 66-54-46669031


Jintanaporn Wattanathorn, Terdthai Tong-un, Supaporn Muchimapura, Panakaporn Wannanon, Bungorn Sripanidkulchai and Wathita Phachonpai Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Integrative Complimentary Alternative Research and Development Group, Center for Research and Development of Herbal Health Products, Khon Kaen University, 40002, Thailand Physiology Division, School of Medical Science, University of Phayao, Phayao, 56000, Thailand



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Siam Natural organic Performance Protein rice bran germ superfood blend contains;

Riceberry Bran Germ black/purple 25%

Sang Yod Bran Germ red 25%

Jasmine-Basmati Bran Germ brown 30%

GABA Bran Germ brown 20%

The Riceberry species of Oryza sativa is a registered rice variety from Thailand, a cross-breed of Jao Hom Nin (JHN), a local non-glutinous purple rice and Khoa Dawk Mali 105 (hom Mali rice). The variety was created by the Rice Science Center, Kasetsart University, Thailand after four years of research for nutritional properties, anthocyanin stability, and physical and cooking properties.
The outcome is a deep purple whole grain rice with softness and a palatable aftertaste. Riceberry has been a popular brown rice substitute due to its health promoting properties. Inducing people to consume more whole grain rice varieties could help ameliorate food-related chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood cholesterol, obesity, and cancers.[1]
Riceberry is grown primarily in north and northeastern Thailand. The wet season months of August through December are suitable for Riceberry planting.[1] Riceberry is not the same as traditional black rice.

Whole Grain Riceberry
Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 1,631.76 kJ (390.00 kcal)
80 g
Sugars 0 g
Dietary fibre 4 g
4 g
Saturated 0 g
8 g
Vitamins Quantity%DV
Vitamin A equiv.
63 μg
Folate (B9)
48 μg
Vitamin E
0.68 mg
Minerals Quantity%DV
1.8 mg
50 mg
3.2 mg
†Percentages are roughly approximated using US recommendations for adults.


Jasmine (Basmati), is a variety of long-grain rice with fragrant aromas that's available in both brown and white versions. rice content

Overall benefits of Thai riceberry black/purple rice bran germ, Jasmine brown rice bran germ, Sang Yod red rice bran germ, and Gaba brown rice bran germ include ;

Boosts the immune system to help prevent diseases such as cancer from spreading further in our body and also speeds up the recovery process after the treatment.

Nourishes the body & revitalizes fatigue (vitamin B2)

Promotes improved physical performance & muscle growth

Maintains and repairs muscle (protein)

Contains antioxidants that slow aging process (gaba rice)

Nourishes skin (vitamin B3) contributes to brighter glowing skin (vitamin E) & improves complexion, softens, moisturizes, tightens and increases firmness & flexibility of skin.

Reduces wrinkles and dark spots on face & improves health from skin diseases and inflammations

Strengthens nervous system (brown rice)

Strengthens bones and teeth (phosphorus)

Maintains & improves eyesight & can help to prevent cataracts (lutein, beta carotene)

Helps prevent anemia (iron, copper)

Reduces the risk of thrombosis, heart disease and vascular disease (beta carotene, vitamin E)

Helps to create new red blood cells and send oxygen into the blood to organs throughout a body (iron)

Pure fiber in brown Jasmine rice can absorb wastes and toxins from a body (brown jasmine rice)

Lowers blood sugar levels (black jasmine rice)

Prevent goiter abnormal enlargement of thyroid gland (iodine)

Relieves indigestion

Reduces the risk of dementia or alzheimers disease

Relieve anorexia (vitamin B2)

Improves memory & the brain’s nerve conductivity to help patients regain from stroke paralysis much faster than anticipated to normal functionality.

Speeds up the production process of damaged brain cells and neurons

Helps to prevent or recover from Parkinson’s Disease

Treats depression and migraine problems

Conserves the loss of calcium from body to maintain bone strength thus preventing osteoporosis. Improves flexibility of joints by reducing inflammations and lubricating the joints to function without any pain.

Cardiovascular System and Blood Circulation - contains natural antioxidants that help to prevent various degenerative diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and cancers. Effectively reduces the levels of cholesterol and LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) & improves overall blood circulation in the body, flexibility of blood vessels and arteries which result in reduced high blood pressure. Consuming rice bran on regular basis reduces the risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases.

Promotes natural HGH human growth hormones. Growth hormones are essential for the body to repair itself and to help in speedy recover from various mild diseases by enhancing our immune system.

Improves the quality of sleep which enables our body to get complete rest and so our body is able to secrete growth hormones properly.

Helps reduce variation in menopausal disorders symptoms in elderly women. Helps to reduce and almost eliminates menstrual abdominal pains.

Black rice (Forbidden), Purple, or Red Sang Yod: These types of short or medium-grain colorful rice contain a natural plant phytochemical called anthocyanins, a flavonoid with antioxidant properties that is also found in blueberries and blackberries. Their nutritious bran and germ layers are intact similar to brown rice.

Glutinous Rice is named for its glue-like consistency (not for gluten, which it does not contain), this short-grain rice is especially sticky when cooked.

This is because it contains primarily one component of starch, called amylopectin, while other types of rice contain both amylopectin and amylose.

Glutinous rice is particularly popular throughout Asia, and is available in a range of colors including white, brown, and black/purple.

Mali Nin Surin rice (Black Jasmine) is high in phenolic and anthocyanin which are anti-oxidants with anti-aging benefit and help slow down the growth of cancer cell. These anti-oxidants also help expand blood vessels, lower the risk of heart attack as well as the risk of stroke.

Source of Carbs

Riceberry is a super healthy source of carbohydrates. Compared to white rice and brown rice, black/purple rice offers better micronutrient content. It does not contain cholesterol, saturated fats and contains just 1 gram of sugar.

Rich in Antioxidants

Black rice is a superb source of antioxidants. After comparing with twelve different rice varieties, studies show black/purple rice to have six times higher antioxidant content than white rice or brown rice.

Fights Inflammation

Inflammation is a bodily response against foreign bacteria and viruses. It’s healthy, but sometimes it gets out of control and that’s not a good thing. Eating black rice can counter this kind of inflammation.

Helps Manage Weight

Another excellent benefit of riceberry is helping you reach or manage your weight, ensuring you are in the healthy scale. Studies show people eating black rice enjoy greater reduction in weight. Riceberry has been the most popular brown rice known for health promoting properties. Attracting people to consume more brown rice is the most significant steps in solving food-related chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood chloresterol, obesity and cancers.

GABA: Gamma-aminobutyric acid (Gaba) is a non-protein amino acid that is widely distributed in nature. Especially, Gaba is present in high concentrations in different brain regions [1]. Besides, it was also found in various foods such as green tea, soybean, germinated brown rice, kimchi, cabbage pickles, yogurt, etc.

Generally, Gaba was produced by l-glutamic acid under the catalyzation of glutamic acid decarboxylase [2]. In the nervous system, newly synthesized Gaba is packaged into synaptic vesicles and then released into the synaptic cleft to diffuse to the target receptors on the postsynaptic surface [3]. Numerous studies have identified two distinct classes of Gaba receptor including Gaba A and Gaba B [4].

These receptors are different due to their pharmacological, electrophysiological, and biochemical properties. GabaA receptor is Gaba-gated chloride channels located on the postsynaptic membrane, while GabaB receptor is G protein-coupled receptors located both pre- and postsynaptic. Gaba is well known as the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system. It was reported to play vital roles in modulating synaptic transmission, promoting neuronal development and relaxation, and preventing sleeplessness and depression [5–9]. Notably, various biological activities of Gaba were documented due to anti-hypertension, anti-diabetes, anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammation, anti-microbial, and anti-allergy.

Moreover, Gaba was also reported as a protective agent of liver, kidney, and intestine against toxin-induced damages [10]. In this contribution, the pharmaceutical properties of Gaba on non-neuronal peripheral tissues and organs were mainly focused to emphasize its beneficial role in prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Dai-Hung Ngo 1 and Thanh Sang Vo 2,* 1 Faculty of Natural Sciences, Thu Dau Mot University, Thu Dau Mot City 820000, Vietnam 2 NTT Hi-Tech Institute, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Ho Chi Minh City 700000, Vietnam

Black Glutinous

Rice has a wonderful aroma and delicious taste. This type of rice has super antioxidant power and helps to generally reduce risk of cancer rate;


Gamma Oryzanol that help reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, and erectile dysfunction symptom;

833.77 mg of Ascorbic Acid per 100 g.

508.09 mg of Gamma Oryzanol per 1 kg.

It has Fatty Acid i.e., Omega-3 which help enrichment on the brain, enhancing memory function, and preventing dementia;

33.94 mg of Omega-3 per 100 g.

It has Omega-6 which help those who are deficient in Estrogen during their menopause symptom. It also makes skin healthy, firm & smooth;

1,160.08 mg of Omega-6 per 100 g.

It has Omega-9 which help reducing Cholesterol in blood vessel, preventing vascular obstruction, heart disease, and Parkinson. It also helps in diet;

1,146.41 mg of Omega-9 per 100 kg.

Apart from the above, Siam Natural organic superfood rice bran germ blend contains

46.56 mg of Anthocyanin per 100 g,

10.63% of protein

84.18 mg of iron per kg.

169.75, 23.60 and 35.38 mg of calcium, zinc and manganese per kg respectively.

Sang Yod Red rice bran germ has got more vitamin E than others. Vitamin E is well known to reduce aging. Moreover, Sang Yod rice bran germ has more protein, iron, phosphorus than others, which can make people who usually have its benefit on the blood circulation, & the body of keeping fit , helping to protect against dementia memory loss via anti-oxidants as well as oryzanol and gamma aminobutyric acid. People who regularly use Sang Yod rice bran germ have less chance of developing cysts, tumors & cancer related diseases.

Jasmine (Basmati), Sang Yod (RED), Black/Purple (Forbidden) rice, GABA BROWN rice bran germ benefits include






anti-microbial, and


Siam Natural organic four blend Performance Protein rice bran germ offers multiple health benefits:

Rice Bran Germ Superfood Blend   

pictured above: 120 each 500 mg capsules

(pictured below left): 1 month pouch contains 30 ea. 6,000 mg sachets ( below center) (image right) single (1) one ounce pack

Riceberry blend pouches

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blended Riceberry-Jasmine-Sang Yod-Gaba rice bran germ;

Riceberry Bran Germ black/purple 25%

Sang Yod Bran Germ red 25%

Jasmine-Basmati Bran Germ brown 30%

GABA Bran Germ brown 20%

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Rice is consumed by over half the world’s population, the majority of which is in Asia.
Although white rice is more common, there are many special rice cultivars that contain pigments, such as black, purple, and red, in their bran, pelea, and lemma, and other inside parts, such as pericarp tegment and the aleurone layer.
The bran part of these pigmented rice cultivars contains acetylated procyanidin [1], anthocyanins, and other phenolics that have significant free radical scavenging activity [2,3] apart from natural antioxidants, such as tocopherols, tocotrienols [4], oryzanols [5], phytosterols [6], and phenolic compounds [7]. It is believed that consumption of pigmented rice & bran improves human health because of the rice bran's antiallergic, antimutagenic, and anticarcinogenic effects [8,9]. Therefore, pigmented rice (bran) is becoming a valuable source for food supplements and nutraceuticals.

Anti-Tumor & Immune Enhancing Activities of Rice Bran Gramisterol on Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.

Structures of Phytosterols and Triterpenoids with Potential Anti-Cancer Activity in Bran of Black Non-Glutinous Rice by Panawan Suttiarporn 1, Watcharapong Chumpolsri 1, Sugunya Mahatheeranont 1,*, Suwaporn Luangkamin 2, Somsuda Teepsawang 3 andVijittra Leardkamolkarn 3 1 Center of Excellence for Innovation in Chemistry and Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand 2 Department of Basic Science and Physical Education, Faculty of Science at Si Racha, Kasetsart University, Si Racha Campus, Chonburi 20230, Thailand 3 Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok 10400, Thailand * Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. Nutrients 2015, 7(3), 1672-1687; 

Anthocyanin-rich Riceberry bran extract attenuates gentamicin-induced hepatotoxicity by reducing oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis in rats Liver plays an important role in the detoxification and metabolic elimination of various drugs and harmful substances. These were related to the inhibition of oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis in Riceberry bran extract treatment. These findings suggest that anthocyanin-rich Riceberry bran extract can prevent liver dysfunction and damage induced by gentamicin, possibly through its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic effects.
Biomed Pharmacother. 2017 Aug;92:412-420. doi: 10.1016/j.biopha.2017.05.100. Epub 2017 May 27.

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Men deficient in an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase type 2 don't develop an enlarged prostate (called benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH) or prostate cancer. Without 5-alpha-reductase type 2, testosterone can't be converted into DHT, which promotes prostate growth.


These statements have not been evaluated by the US FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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